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在法国斯特拉斯堡举行的2019年欧洲汽车先进电池会议上, AEM展示了安全可靠的电路保护解决方案.


AEM Presented A Reliable Circuit Protection Solution at the Advanced
Automotive Battery Conference Europe 2019 in Strasbourg, France

By Dr.LiwuWangJan29th,2019
Strasbourg, France

As Electric Vehicles (EV's) play a significant role in the future of the automotive industry, circuit protection is becoming more and more vital. When faced with extreme high voltage and high current short circuit conditions, traditional fuse technologies have demonstrated an inadequate level of protection, which under certain circumstances, could put passenger safety at risk due to fires or explosions. The presentation highlights some potential concerns and issues associated with these typical options and the importance

of insuring proper fuse selection for these system critical EV applications. Extensive studies have been made regarding the arc suppression characteristics and breaking capacities of conventional fuses in comparing with advanced fuse technology. The presentation also demonstrates how advanced multilayer co-fired and "Wire-in-Air" fuse technologies could yield much more consistent and reliable performance, making them a better solution for the EV applications.

Safety was one of the major topics in the battery engineering symposium. AEM's presentation attracted many professional people from brand name EV and battery pack makers allowing for valuable discussions.

AABC Europe brings together a global audience of battery technologists and their key suppliers for a must-attend week of development trends, breakthrough technologies and predictions of the market for years to come.

The 4-days conference started on Monday Jan 28th at the Strasbourg Convention Center, France. About 1000 attendees were comprised of research scientists, design engineers, engineering managers, marketing/sales and government officials from European and around the world. AEM is one of the Gold Sponsors for the AABC Europe 2019 event.

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