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GcDiode® ESD Suppressors

AEM GcDiode ultra low capacitance ESD Suppressors

With unique glass ceramic design, this product provides ESD protection comparable to its semiconductor counterpart via a patented manufacturing process. It features fast response time, low clamping voltage, and ultra low capacitance (0.25pF), which can effectively reduce signal loss caused by parasitic capacitance and are ideal for ESD protection for high-speed signal transmission port. In addition, it features ultra low leakage current (<0.1nA) and high resistance to static strikes, It provides higher PPR when compared with its competitors. Because it can effectively reduce signal distortion that accompanies common ESD protectors, it is the best choice for ESD protection for high-speed data transmission ports like USB, HDMI, Display port, E-SATA, and IEEE1394.


  • Dissipating energy through conduction, supplemented by absorption, to achieve effective suppression, providing excellent stability and reliability
  • Ultra low leakage current (<0.1nA), controlling element loss effectively
  • Ultra low clamping voltage for excellent protection against ESD damage
  • Ultra low capacitance (0.25pF) with negligible effect on high speed signal
  • Non-polarity, easy to install and suitable for multiple applications
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AEM GcDiode® ESD Suppressors

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